Postponements and Hebrew Topics
"I Have No Greater Joy Than to Hear That My Children Walk in Truth."
3Jn. 1:4
We are pleased to offer our booklet on the Postponements and the Hebrew Calendar:
Postponements: Another Mystery of The Ages Now Available on Audio Tapes! If you would like your own free personal copy of this booklet, or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us using the address: Contacting Us. Thank you.

We are also pleased to offer the following literature that will explain in detail the effect the "Postponements" of the Hebrew Calendar has on God's Holy Days:

A recorded sermon that explains Postponements:
2011-10-15--Why are the Holy Days Posponed-- J Russell

Why Count 177 Days Backwards?  
Dehioth: The Rules of postponement
Why Was Passover A Month Late In 1997?
Did You Take The Second Passover In 1997?
Have You Robbed God of Holy Time?
Does It Matter To God?!
Questions To Ask!
Building God's Calendar!
The Postponements and the Mark of the Beast
Which New Year Do You Keep?
Man made traditions
Asking the Hard Questions
Why Passover April 14th, 2003?
Ten reasons why Postponements are wrong
      A Question about Postponements

2015 Updates:     
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2016: Updates:
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