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P.O. Box 1120
Kimberling City, MO 65686-1120
Our E-mail is:
Welcome to the Church of God, In Truth-- Sabbath Service Conference connection!
If you would like to join us for Sabbbath services on the telephone hookup, we will list the phone number and access code at the end of this informational welcome letter.
Could you supply us with your name and address information and would it be possible for you to provide the following information also? Approximate number of people listening in with you, and a phone number should we need to contact you in case of a time or access code change.
When you are connected to the telephone conference service, the host will ask you to mute your phone or privacy button, so there will be minimal chance of interference.
Occasionally, we will change the access codes for security reasons. When this occurs, we will phone, Fax or E-mail the new access code number to you. If there is a change in time or format, we will also notify you by the above sources.
If you call and are unable to connect, hang up, wait a few minutes, and try again. Be sure to call in a timely manor so you can access one of the lines available, using your access code number. If you continue to have difficulties, you may call the host James Russell at Tel: 417-338-0033
We believe you will find hooking up to the Conference service is not difficult, however, not every one can easily listen using the hand held receiver. We suggest you use a speakerphone or a Radio Shack Telephone Amplifier system (Catalog #43-200).
Sabbath Service will start 11:30 AM California time (Pacific Time zone). Services begin with announcements, and then the Sermon. We suggest you start your services earlier with songs, opening prayer, then connect to the telephone hookup. After the sermon is over, we suggest you close with a song and closing prayers. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to call: James Russell at:
Our E-mail is:
Tel: 417-338-0033
Fax: 417-338-0031

Conference call Phone number:  Sabbath toll free Telephone Hook-up is: 1-888-206-2266 after the beeps enter your code number.

Note: as of December 7, 2008 this code is not public anymore.

To get it, please email or call Mr. Russell,  Mr. Fleming or the Church telephone number: 417-338-0033 or email:

Be sure to add the pound key # at the end of the code number.

Also: *6 to mute, *6 to unmute.
Thank you for joining with us for the Sabbath Telephone conference!
Church of God, In Truth
Now you can listen our sermons, via Internet.  

  Only available on: Sabbaths & Holy Days. No code is needed!
 Sabbath Service will start at 1:30 PM Missouri time (Central Standard Time).